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SOMATIC THERAPY is now being offered by Kristine Psychic online via Skype or Facetime or in my beautiful studio in Tweed Heads.  A powerful approach to helping to restore the central nervous system to calm, well-being and resiliency in a gentle yet powerfully effective process.  Heal intense and extreme experiences, enabling empowerment, self-regulation and efficient healing recovery.  Somatic Bodywork is also being offered for those that yearn for restorative touch therapy that is gentle and sensitive to your needs.

I host Somatic Experiencing sessions with people.  Somatic Experiencing was developed by Peter Levine and is a completely and revolutionary new way to help people heal from trauma, whether complex developmental trauma stemming from childhood, abuse and severe neglect or one off shock trauma from car accidents, surgery, falls, grief, relationship breakdowns, or basically any situation causing stress or severe stress that has not been resolved.


Somatic Experiencing is not like Psychotherapy although it is done in a counselling setting.  Rather than entering the experience from a rational brain, talk therapy level, Somatic Experiencing is all about entering into the felt sense of the body so the central nervous can discharge held energy trapped in the central nervous system and release it gently but powerfully.  The result is coming out of freeze, fright or flight as the survival brain starts to down regulate and return to a healthy state, resulting in deep relaxation and integration of life’s challenging experiencing bringing clarity, vitality and flow and an ability to make sense of what happened and and move forward in life rather than feeling blocked, confused and disoriented which often is the symptom of undischarged trauma held in our central nervous system.


Somatic Experiencing is profound!  I have worked with people for over 25 years now and in all my time of counselling people the results with SE are amazing.  Powerful healing and integration occurs, however gently and within the realm of people’s capacity without pushing or overwhelming them.


All that is required is a quiet room and a chair for the client.  However Somatic Bodywork can also be offered.  This is another level of body integration for clients who are suffering dissociation from their bodies and may find normal physical therapy overwhelming, these sessions can be conducted with clothes on and help them to get a sense of where physical contact has caused shut down and discomfort for them, and learn to safely open again.  Particularly if people have suffered physical and sexual abuse this treatment can be very helpful in taking the first steps to open to receiving and repairing trust again.


Somatic Experiencing is the next level in the new generation of psychotherapy, taking into consideration the Limbic Brain, where normal talk therapy does not reach.


The best way to really get a sense of this session is to try it yourself. 


I am very passionate about providing Somatic Experiencing…. It is going to be the next level in Mind/Body healing.  It can help clients with high end anxiety, PTSD and panic disorders and also low level anxiety and well as high immobility, depression and chronic fatigue disorders all creating a host of health symptoms that cannot be treated until the central nervous system returns to a sense of safety.


Many people do not realise that even small life experiences that create overwhelment, disconnect us from our basic life force, basically leaving us with limited energy.  Even champion athletes suffer from stress and anxiety and without releasing it their potential may lay in integrating frozen energy trapped in body as a result of experiences not being fully integrated by the body.


Chronic pain, and injuries can also heal much quicker as a result of orienting the body and the instinctual level to a much safer place creating the resiliency and the ability to recover much quicker.  Many symptoms within the body can occur that are not curable by treatment as a result of the energy staying trapped within the central nervous system.


The sessions are held in an integral and highly ethical and professional and compassionate manner.  Somatic Experiencing is being seen as the authority in Neurobiology and Psychology and Personal Development with much research and data now proving its effectiveness.


I have included here some links that you could watch on You tube with regard to the Founder, Peter Levine on what the process is and how it works and the results offered. 


The outcome is a very relaxed, clear, connected client often feeling a deep sense of relief of being able to let of and discharge much energy and return to a deep sense of calm and well-being and vital connection.


Here are the links I suggest you might be interested in viewing on you tube:  (cut and paste into your browser…..)


1. This is Peter Levine’s website…. He is world wide and this site has all the information is you want read more.


2. This is Peter Levine on Youtube talking about trauma…. and the importance of healing that.


3.  Dr. Peter Levine on the Somatic Experiencing Approach and the Concept of Titration.


As I mentioned this is cutting edge new wave, generational Psychological and Physical healing based on science and the new realisation that we are also working with our instinctual and Limbic Brain.


Somatic Experiencing will provide you with a deep, profound, integrative experience of healing within the Body and Mind.  From low level discomfort to high end trauma. Creating real change in the lives of people who need it the most.


I do hope this sounds like something that might be of interest for you.  I look forward to being able to share this with you further.  I also can host a range of services including Somatic Bodywork, Counselling plus the Somatic Therapy.


I have worked within Gwinganna and Golden Door for many years, have over 25 years experience of helping to guide and counsel people.  I am available to provide consistent high end support to your needs.  


I have had quite a diverse and wide range of experiences within my own personal development and life experience, coming from an OSHO background and being in the presence of powerful spiritual teachers for most of my life.  I am now 44.  Including Zen Buddhism, being a Kundalini Yoga Teacher with Advanced Lifestyle Practices and Teachings from our tradition, Path of Love with Samved and Alima, Meditation Teacher and having participated in well over 11 Satori Retreats for deep inner exploration.  Somatic Experiencing is dear to my heart as I have come from a very intensely abusive childhood background, at the worst my health crashed to the point I was completely near death, including epilepsy and full adrenal and thyroid and cortisol collapse, on copious amount of medication and underwent extensive approaches to healing, until the last step was the Somatic Experiencing along with Kundalini Yoga I have now completely reversed and healed all my conditions, and require no medication or assistance and my body is now fully recovered.  The results are astounding.  From this perspective I can offer clients a true empathic approach as I have truly walked the path and can go deeply into there internal realms confidently as they return to the light and reclaim their innate power and life force as their natural state.  


This therapy is highly unique but powerful in its approach.


Especially effective in helping to restore balance if suffering from trauma, whether present or past including PTSD, anxiety, shock, depression, addiction, sexual issues, grief, panic, confusion, relationship distress, abuse issues, physical illness that won't heal like thyroid disease, adrenal fatigue, chronic fatigue, cancer, hormonal imbalances, auto-immune diseases, accidental trauma from motor vehicle accidents or falls, chronic pain, immobility and generally just feeling unwell with no real understanding as why? 


Is your Psychotherapy, Psychology or Physical Therapy not working?  Somatic Therapy works beyond the rational brain and takes us deep into the Limbic Brain to heal at the core where we store Trauma in the Autonomic Nervous System.  We basically get stuck in the Body's resource of Fright, Flight, and Freeze survival instinct and never fully come out this state back into a healthy functioning nervous system that is relaxed, calm and alert, but not in a high state of arousal or low state of immobility.  Sound familiar? 


I am passionate about providing Somatic Therapy as I have found for myself personally this to be most the effective healing process I have found in my many decades of personal and spiritual exploration.  Deep and powerful healing transformation has taken place within me as result of this therapy.