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Mullumbimby, NSW, Australia, 2482.


"My reading with Kristine was invaluable! It felt as though she got right inside me. Kristine identified and brought me to a much deeper understanding and clarity around my current issues, fears and doubts. She then gave me clear guidance as to how i can move through this into a place of much more possibility and opportunity. I greatly appreciated her grounded, practical and empathic approach and her depth of wisdom. I will be back for more! I am so very grateful to you Kristine, that reading was truly life changing."


Annie S, Armidale NSW

Why have a reading with Kristine

The unique skill I offer is being able to authentically read your Life Blueprint and commune directly with your Soul to offer direct, clear and concise guidance around your true life purpose and what you need to be looking at right now in order to open and flow into your full potential.

We are all here to learn specific lessons that our Soul chose. These are unique for each individual and as much as self help books may be of assistance, to have a reading will really accurately hone in on what your specific lessons are and what you need to learn in order to create true harmony in your life. The power of positive thinking is not enough. Often we must really understand our life lessons first and the wounds we must heal in order to really move forward.

We are all here to learn and grow as human beings. Often life can be quite challenging to navigate. We can get stuck, lost, stagnant, afraid, inflict wounds on ourself which we must all learn to heal and to overcome the obstacles on our path. We limit ourself due to thought patterns and emotional patterns that keep us stuck in unhealthy lifestyles, relationships and behaviours.

Guidance will help you to see what we cannot see ourselves. Like driving in a car, if we got lost we may ask for directions to find our way, it is that simple and those directions will get you to where you really need to go. It is often the direct path, rather than taking unnecessary time struggling when we do not have to. We all need support from time to time to gain clarity on finding our true life path in alignment with our heart and soul.

When we are in our patterns they are so automatic that we don’t even know we are doing them, nor can we see what it is holding us back. It is vital we become conscious of unhealthy patterns otherwise we will keep repeating them in our life causing sometimes mild to very intense discomfort and unhappiness. It is all an opportunity to grow.

Your soul does know and guide you always. However many do not know how to receive this guidance. I am able to channel this guidance clearly and directly to you so you may gain deep insight into your direct and most powerful path to growth so you may change your life and open to receiving all that is appropriate for you. Essentially love, joy, happiness, contentment, abundance and fulfilment.

You gain authentic insight in how to navigate your life, love, relationships, career, family, health and finances. Your soul is the deepest and most conscious part of you that is able to truly guide you.

If you are open, a session will give you deep and powerful insights into your life, the real you, what you may need to change in order to be in alignment with your real truth. To be on a path with heart. Ultimately learning to be the real radiantly happy you.

Be supported on your journey, be healed, listened to, seen and most of all loved on your path so that you may be inspired to continue your journey, renewed, refreshed with greater clarity, vision and essentially empowerment to act on your life path.

When we are in alignment with our Truth, we are happy, even if action is required, that truth is reflected in everything that we do. We feel connected to it, it allows us to feel confident, happy and a deep inner knowing, that we are on the right path.

Many cannot see what you have truly come for. They project on to you their human knowledge rather than really seeing you as you truly are. Intuition goes beyond the Mind. I have been working as an Intuitive Soul Channel for over 25 years. You will not find any reading you have ever had to be quite like this. I read personally for psychologists, therapists, teachers, trainers, academics, professional business people of all levels and often the feedback is that they have spent years doing learning and therapy only to have one session cover what it took them 10 years to learn for themselves. The point being, the guidance is accurate, in depth, and beyond what you can access for yourself no matter what your status or intelligence. It will enlighten you in ways you cannot even imagine. How much is that clarity worth to you right now? How fast do you want to transform your life? Insight and knowledge is power and when understood it can be applied.

To know more, sometimes we need to seek the awareness of others who know more than ourselves. We can get addicted to our behaviours. We cannot see where we need to let go and change. To go beyond what you know is to have courage to grow.

Let me serve you with the highest of intention and open you to the deepest revelations that your Soul is willing to offer. Truth is powerfully transformative if you let it in.

Your session with me will empower you. It will be shared with empathy, compassion and sensitivity.

Your session may completely change your perspective on life and most of all you.

You may discover gifts and talents within yourself you didn’t even know you had.

You will get answers to all of your most pressing questions. However the answers will be truthful and authentically empowering to help you live your life in true alignment with your Soul. Happiness can only come this way.

You will be able to see your path ahead more clearly than ever before. This will allow you to relax and reconnect with yourself again.

Clarity feels good. It is supportive and enlightening.

It brings confidence to move forward with greater ease.

Most of all it allows you to realise your highest potential.

I look forward to having a session with you.

Thanks for reading.